After 8 years, this website and its layers will be de-commissioned on December 1, 2014.

Updated state well layers and the land grid layer will be available for a fee.

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Oil and Gas Wells


Access over 500,000 oil and gas wells with information compiled from state agencies. Each well is linked to detailed information from a state-maintained website.

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Wall Maps


Traditional paper maps provide additional context when imported into Google Earth as digital layers.

US Geology in Google Earth
Kansas Fields in Google Earth
BLM Leases


The Bureau of Land Management is one of the largest managers of federal land in the West. Get information on more than 25,000 active leases in the region.

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What We Do


The Timoney Group helps organizations integrate their in-house information stores (databases, documents, spreadsheets) and make them easily accessible to all users—especially key decision-makers—through visual platforms such as Google Earth.


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Federal Lands & Land Grid


Critical to understanding landuse in the West is the pattern of federal ownership. Supporting locational context is township and section grid from the Public Land Survey System.

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